The Cyclone

The wind asks the cherry tree
to wake me up
by rapping on my window
with its overgrown branch.
It wants me to judge the orchestra
with the air around
as one colossal woodwind…

I was jolted awake from my peaceful Sunday morning sleep by the sound of old Hindi Movie songs blaring outside my open window.

Generally, waking up to loud music is a phenomenon which occurs on Independence Day and Republic Day . It was quite unusual for a regular Sunday morning.

The boy was young and handsome.

Above all he worked for her husband, who was the captain of the King’s guard.

“Lie with me” she commanded the boy. “I cannot. It is against God and my employer” replied the boy.

She was overcome by lust and kept pestering him every…

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I got the above picture for a poetry challenge and I found my ideas completely dried out.

My first thoughts were on masked emotions by mothers’ hidden from their children and also maybe mother’s devotion. Then I thought of a narrative from the child’s point of view .

I wanted…

Image credit :boredpanda

Hey Uterus,

This is not fair

The way you hitch yourself to my emotions.

I am not being ungrateful, you know.

But you become the portal to my emotional centre.

We should feel powerful, you and me

Being the vessel that contains “Shakti”,

Instead you send me to hormone hell.


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